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Editby: Transform Content for Any Platform with AI
Unleash the Power of AI in Your Content Strategy

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I've been experimenting with AI content generators for a while now, trying to see how good they're getting at creating content like humans.

Editby was one of the first that I came across and actually enjoyed using.

The interface is simple and clean, and the AI does a great job of creating content from various sources.

But Editby goes beyond that.

It gives you a chance to repurpose and enhance content in ways I hadn't even considered before.

You can transform a YouTube video into a newsletter or Twitter thread if you want.

Plus, it has an editor that works in real time which I thought was pretty cool.

What makes Editby unique is its versatility.

Just input a URL, and it'll create content for basically any platform you want.

The editor works well and can see your content while you're writing which is helpful.

It even has an SEO analysis feature, which makes sure articles and posts aren't just engaging, but also optimized for search engines.

Key Features

  • Multi-Platform Content Transformation: Editby can convert any source material into platform-specific content.

  • Interactive Editor: Editby has an editor that assists with content creation and enhances it in real-time.

  • SEO Score Analysis: Editby ensures that your content is SEO-friendly by analyzing its score and giving you actionable insights for optimization.

  • Versatile Input Options: Editby will repurpose your content effectively, whether it's a blog post, article, or YouTube video - just give it a URL and it will do the rest.

How Can It Help

If you're a content creator and want to maintain your online presence across platforms without putting in extra effort, Editby can help.

It solves the problem of keeping your content fresh and relevant without starting from scratch every time.

If you're a marketer, social media manager, or creator, Editby simplifies the content creation process for you.

It ensures that your content is fine-tuned for the audience and platform you're targeting.


  • Creative Input Required: While Editby is a powerful tool, the best results come from those who also invest their creativity and strategic insight into the process. But I also think that's true for every AI tool.

Editby has transformed how I approach content creation. Its ability to adapt a single piece of content for multiple uses can save you so much time.

For anyone looking to take their content strategy to the next level, I'd recommend exploring what Editby can do for you.

If expanding your content's reach and impact with little effort is your goal then you need to try Editby.

What Are You Using?

Have you tried any of these tools? Are you currently using one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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