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Think of all the software out there as tools in a toolbox.

Not every tool is for every job, and sometimes, it's tough to know which is which.

Trying to figure out which tools actually help grow a business is difficult and can cost quite a bit.

We want to help prevent you from experiencing that.

This page contains the software and tools that are the best for marketing and business.

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Best Affiliate Marketing Tools

Beehiiv serves as a potent newsletter platform, geared towards growth. Starting with nothing and scaling to over 250,000 subscribers in under a year? That's the might of Beehiiv. It's about amplifying your newsletter game with a tool that packs a punch.

Reditus is a platform focused on growing your B2B SaaS through affiliate marketing. It offers a marketplace of B2B SaaS affiliates and provides live chat support to help you and your affiliates. You only pay based on the monthly recurring revenue you generate, making it a cost-effective option for scaling your business.

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing platform that connects online retailers with affiliate partners. Whether you're a content creator, influencer, or website owner, you can partner with various brands to earn revenue. It offers real-time insights and tools to help you succeed in your affiliate marketing efforts.

Best Business Services

Branding Compass: Streamline Your Brand Identity

Branding Compass is an innovative tool designed for small businesses and startups looking to define their brand identity. By answering a series of questions, users receive customized advice on words, colors, and images that align with their brand, simplifying the branding process without the need for expensive consultants.

Fiverr: Your Ultimate Freelance Marketplace Guide

Fiverr is a marketplace where you can find someone to do just about any task you can think of, from designing a logo to writing blog posts. It's like having a whole team at your fingertips without the need to hire full-time staff.

Solo Build It!: Your Path to Online Business Success

Solo Build It! (SBI!) is a one-stop-shop for aspiring solopreneurs ready to take their ideas online. Offering a suite of tools, guided training, and community support, SBI! simplifies the process of building a profitable online business from the ground up.

ZenBusiness: Simplify Your Business Setup

ZenBusiness simplifies setting up your LLC or corporation. It handles the heavy lifting of paperwork and compliance alerts so you can concentrate on what matters: growing your business.

48hourslogo offers affordable logo design services starting at $129. You post your project, get multiple design options from freelance designers, and then pick your winner. They've completed over 50,000 projects since 2009.

Dunn & Bradstreet is a data analytics company that helps businesses improve performance. They offer a range of solutions from credit insights to sales lead generation. Their services are designed to help you manage risk, increase revenue, and drive efficiencies.

Northwest Registered Agent is about taking the legwork out of legal processes, offering registered agent and business formation services. It's a one-stop shop for handling your business's official documentation and legalities, giving you more time to focus on what you do best.

Best Customer Analytics & Insights Tools

Shulex is a SaaS platform that helps you understand your customers better. It uses sentiment analysis and AI technology to analyze customer reviews and market trends. Whether you're in e-commerce or any other industry, Shulex gives you the insights you need to improve your products and strategies.

Best E-Commerce Tools

Easyship: Streamline Your E-commerce Shipping

Easyship transforms the international shipping process for e-commerce businesses. It’s a powerful cloud-based shipping software that connects you with over 250 global carriers, providing tools to manage shipping efficiently and affordably.

Jungle Scout: Your Essential Tool for Amazon Success

Jungle Scout is a comprehensive tool designed for Amazon sellers to research products, explore market demands, and optimize sales strategies. It simplifies the journey of finding profitable products on Amazon.

3Dsellers is a comprehensive eBay selling manager, perfect for sellers looking to streamline their online business. It packs a punch with tools for listing design, automated messaging, feedback reminders, and an all-in-one helpdesk. Ideal for eBay sellers who want to simplify their workflow, increase sales, and enhance customer interaction, 3Dsellers is a game-changer in the world of eCommerce.

Aura is an AI-powered Amazon repricer that automatically adjusts your prices to stay competitive. It's fast, intuitive, and designed for Amazon sellers of all levels. With Aura, you can save time, boost sales, and maintain profitability with minimal effort.

JoeLister is a software that helps you list your Amazon inventory on eBay and Shopify. It syncs your item quantities and prices across these platforms. When an item sells, JoeLister automatically handles the order fulfillment through Amazon.

Nepeto is like your secret weapon for Amazon selling, cutting through the nonsense of manual product sourcing. This software automates the process, scanning loads of retailers and wholesalers to find you thousands of profitable products to sell on Amazon. It’s straightforward, user-friendly, and starts at just $13 a month, making it a no-brainer for anyone from small-time sellers to big-league players​

Printful lets you design and sell custom products like apparel and home decor. It's a print-on-demand service, so you don't have to worry about inventory. You design it, they print it and ship it, and you make the profit.

SellerChamp is an e-commerce automation platform that streamlines your inventory management and order processing. It's designed to save you time and effort, making your online selling experience smoother.